SureLine® HD

Sureline® HD odour control cover systems are custom extruded interlocking panel systems that can be designed, engineered and fabricated to suit the specifics of your application. Sureline® HD can be designed as a load-bearing platform solution enabling operators to safely reach covered areas. The Sureline® HD system can also be designed as a non-trafficable odour control cover system, meeting the AS1170 roof loading requirements for wind loads, access loads and more.

HD or Heavy-duty constructions means that the cover can accommodate various loading requirements and meet a broad range of local and environmental requirements. Handrails can be accommodated if required and mounted directly off the cover.

Sureline® HD odour control cover systems also offer a range of inspection hatches, maintenance hatches and full access hatches with safety grates installed.

Sureline® HD are sealed systems designed to contain odors and/or operate in conjunction with scrubber systems that draw the trapped gases off and treat them to eliminate odour, offering a 99.9% capture rate.

Configurations Available For Sureline® HD