Treadwell SAFE-SERIES™ - Anti-Slip Safety Solutions

Treadwell’s SAFE-SERIES™ is our range of pre-manufactured and ready to install or fully customised anti-slip safety products designed to prevent slip accidents in the most harsh and extreme conditions. Manufactured from FRP composite, they are easily fitted over existing steps to create the toughest and most reliable anti-slip safety solution available.

Specialising in a wide range of anti-slip safety solutions for every surface application, the SAFE-SERIES™ range is minimalistic, well proven and comes in a range of styles and colours to adapt to just about any environment.

The solutions offered by the SAFE-SERIES™ to deter accidental slips and falls feature:

• Step coverings equipped with enhanced traction properties.
• Anti-slip rungs and covers for ladders designed for safe treading.
• Anti-slip glow for dark situations to prevent mishaps.
• Multiple stair nosing options furnished with anti-slip properties.
• Anti-slip deck plating.

Besides anti-slip options, the SAFE-SERIES™ also adopts anti-fatigue mapping.

Treadwell SAFE-SERIES™ consists of:

StairSAFE® is designed to re-profile the leading edge of any step and features long wearing, anti-corrosive and non-slip characteristics.

The abrasive grit surface eliminates the very high possibility of slips from access ladders, avoiding serious ramifications. The surface, while ideal for the negation of slip issues, has been developed so as not to damage bare skin.

DeckSAFE® is the ultimate solution for slippery ramps, decks, catwalks and landings. Designed to reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls in areas where oil, water and other forms of liquids are present, DeckSAFE® seriously decreases risks.

CableSAFE® creates a safe walkway over exposed pipes, cables, wires and conduit. With a durable anti-slip surface, CableSAFE® provides a safety bridge for foot traffic over these areas, avoiding slips, trips and falls.

In situations where covers are not feasible, SAFE-SERIES™ Direct Grit is the recommendation to apply the same lasting, safe anti-slip surface to your components for optimal protection.