Treadwell EcoEX™

Our belief is that water and odour management will remain critical to society, the protection of our most valuable life preserving assets must be treated with the most advanced technology available. We are committed to investing in innovative product solutions for treating water and wastewater and extending asset life that provides a vital link to the facilitating of this goal. We make the best of the latest technology and have come up with effective solutions for treating odorous gasses and all our solutions have been tried and proven.

Manufactured with advanced FRP technology, EcoEX™ SureLine® & Sureline® HD FRP odour control covers offer the most cost effective odour control cover solution available to the world market.

Our EcoEX™ baffle walls offer a solutions that prevent chlorine disinfection short circuiting within chlorine contact basins and other affiliated dosing process system tanks. The EcoEX™ baffle walls can also be designed to withstand sloshing loads in earthquake environments and minimise damage to existing concrete structures.

Chemically and structurally engineered to resist a wide range of acids and corrosive matter, EcoEX™ ducting is resistant to the damaging effects of most consuming environments.

Designed and engineered to withstand corrosive fumes, EcoEX™ stacks are unaffected by virtually all bacteriological corrosion and is constructed with built-in protection against rust.