Treadwell ArchitEX™ - Made From FRP Material By Pultrusions

ArchitEX™ is Treadwell's unique range of structural profiles made from FRP material through a pultrusion process (see below). This exceptional range of fibreglass beams, sections and profiles is continually undergoing research and development to ensure satisfactory and reliable use in the most demanding structural conditions.

The associated fibreglass beams, columns and sections manufactured from the pultrusion process actively makes the structure strong and rewarding as construction FRP elements. Durable FRP components can be used to enhance the strength of the framework and infrastructure. They are designed to effectively counter the countless environmental inconsistencies.

From structural and engineered structures to industrial roofing and siding products, the complete range of ArchitEX™ FRP solutions boasts extended and superior UV protection and stability, which is again an exclusive feature of ArchitEX™. These applications can be effectively executed given the flexibility of these fabricated structures which involves resin types, material selection, shapes and more to make it well suited as a construction FRP profile alternative over conventional materials.

Pultrusion Machine

The component range includes various FRP profiles including:

C Sections
Equal Leg Angles
Hollow Sections
Solid Bars
Embedment Angles
• Flat Sheets
• Interlocking Deck Boards