Flexibility of ArchitEX™

From Fabricated Profiles to FRP Structures

Our fabricated FRP profiles comprises of essential features that are effectively included into the hierarchy of framework. These include the specialised options of the multiple fibreglass beams and channels which can hold the structures well. The angles and panels are specifically created to withstand the natural elements. The profiles associated with each item can be duly customised with added pultrusions into the constructive framework. This process involves the manufacturing of various composite structures with constant and varying cross-sections. Pulling out the reinforced options alongside the fibres and resins can be an effective option with this process involving vinyl ester and epoxy.

Complete building FRP structures can be created using fibreglass resistant plastic which in turn increases longevity in challenging environments. Typical fabricated FRP structures include beam structure, column structure and plate structures. Most of the buildings based on the fibreglass platform generally use fabricated FRP core channels. Platforms, various decking materials, and other related grating that involve handrails and other similar materials are advised to be made from FRP to provide maximum utility and application. These types of fabricated FRP components are found mostly in walkways and platforms, loading and floor platforms, cage and ladder application, pollution control system roofs and covers and various other arenas and uses.