The Treadwell Green Commitment

Regardless of what we do at Treadwell , sustainability is at the core of our business. Whilst progression of business goals is important and crucial, our footprints must leave a positive impact on the community, environment and all stakeholders. This corporate spirit is reflected throughout Treadwell’s business and people.

Moving Forward

In line with our vision of shaping mindsets and economies with the extensible performance and effectiveness of composite product solutions, we endeavour to continually search for alternative solutions that provide similar or better qualities in our work for reduced environmental impact, longer service life, and greater sustainability. We staunchly believe that FRP composites have a great potential for improvement, unlike metals and other traditional materials; FRP materials will become even better. Continued research by resin and reinforcement manufacturers is expected to result in additional options for the FRP industry to further improve its position as the preferred sustainable solution for construction materials.