FRP Instrument and Push Button Stands

Made with pultruded composite material, EXduro™ stands have high tensile strength. Our stands are built with a vinylester tube and base system, costing less than stainless steel instrumentation stand systems.

Manufactured from FRP, EXduro™ stands are extremely light weighted when compared to galvanized and steel stands. This ensures that our stands are installed with ease and with almost zero maintenance. They do not rust over a long time period even when exposed to oxidised conditions.

Fully customisable to any configuration required, including single or double post, large mounting panel (switch rack/ station) type designs, and any mounting requirements, along with the weight, it takes less time to install due to their easy fit and cut design. Best of all, they are compatible with metallic structures and bases. They are easily built on site, which saves a lot of time and money as well.