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Remember we showed you the Treadwell FRP

Remember we showed you the Treadwell FRP stepovers being fabricated and completed last week? Well, they are in place onsite over the weekend! Find out more on how we can help with all your fibreglass requirements! Visit us at <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener nofollow noreferrer” data-ft=”{&quot;tn&quot;:&quot;-U&quot;}” data-lynx-mode=”async” data-lynx-uri=”;h=AT39lPPBb_jeYUwiIpNicMa9vWCNSrCf1QXdRmflAKp0pIElnIRWa9l6IhWyUyLEHxVwdWfSZfmFBxGhQzPc89_I8xEwO6Mj7gj3YYY0EAYhqp6Apf59dZdc4MThx4dJ30_DF4GC7F3RKZlT9lsOKISb2EWgIdq-TmtLreMd7Ed3an36UKpp9fD9G2LfvvDvn2zpIobGUpe7pHNrDyaZMK6hErbLK0gGpelOI50hB8OfQRzSbcTVhG4s4vlXvkdvYOwHC5ugR45uN4-fOiEwuaVyxwSa004Y_PbpnYk7PiAZARExrPE9Bk4LXYIa7mJSIN88PtQ8T5cdXo-rJaqrGl1YmDN-lbqup9b3SvU1faWGQTv97U8X32XL3XtZyT5nOpox1MY9hF78R8Qv1lz9xTmrjqQ7mfXT3IyIM1CGtT1pWb2QwFliuEwLVGvoDyvKj_WT_XvSrRylyTgdsUX8bL5mdrwUBEUWz07gKK6t4LQIZbEZqywup5PHJoqojdxtY0RpMtSH3URsLxtW5sc4ZkxjJKSVHbUnlBMzuOwtqvY5WrLCpT17d_WCAY60zTYsmzEAq3TorlPO1eHgslxgG2Rckbs_2lAQLFIqoXMpkMMMK4VKP1DGa7cU7DYcWUQXaZHDQQ”></a> <a class=”_58cn” href=”;epa=HASHTAG&amp;__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARB6-rqG0yKn5RCPhWGIyZufNeX3Q0fHZ5JB7TupUaa7rn-BY7a5B2RxZmUSaWTwNQIGjIEpY2nIpLId3iI-IvJn2DKUsqumKZXAJgGSofOWYbugdP9U_CF5pawEagpdhnVSaxoHHOlwe_wFlxexApVjTXNTMaIDPj8adTfozW3VuxVkwnDF5PVCA7FZ_gQooA6QeB5lkQKwcZNE8vCnAk0nKtSchfD5jm3iFbUS4uRIprLvQ7b2D1aX61-s0Y_T6Z2ymr06t2fyzSkbg0NZm-BxIINE3FE5HWrGneUcXBpfOa3ATWMdMCaM1SDb2QjaihkA6ct_PsjOE1qXcDMF2RFqNA&amp;__tn__=%2ANK-R” data-ft=”{&quot;type&quot;:104,&quot;tn&quot;:&quot;*N&quot;}”><span class=”_5afx”><span class=”_58cl _5afz” […]


From small to large durable structures made from FRP

From small to large durable, corrosion resistant structures made from FRP, Treadwell does it with a history of experience in a multitude of industries. These miniature stepovers will be part of a railway system, benefitting the community around the station. For more information on what we can do, visit us at <a href=”;h=AT3PTlRc-4tOdgP-CXvFmxcvYPx8DMcTcugInFcLr_7zdpgruuKpAi7ieC6bvdsTwmGHjXod7B2xgc2mzRxxVCqBYW1x3nDv8Vl-VAVJZbnj_CfDaWcCmv9az0siOzobF5VCzHFtQfYThRLs_DKQI9nR_oFj2vCU4os2r8_sQrG3zTo4xttTTWTG0aEJ6xZ5Gu0zfC7SNSHDzde_aLLoyfm-YmUJICTFJ09_VOjoY8oRes4I3Oy2OK8n3tjv0zQr8G_w6s7uo13mCUDwHrLKi-Z0yZpCXYS1NPmLE1WngHhupn32F78LDpmxrLQpY5ZdbbPMcKfEyf3rXhd62hGbYE-p7TaoFpdcPcCckhjbd4Uh8RF-aKuo4iuKei52toHzBxVhz0ywVJgV_upcEKvGWpc_B7VucpK9P2C4qbAN6uZeOVtxYzwdzXPNb2bYS3oTPyyJ1EQCMmtMnBAP0ay8BNsCgaqIZ1aRp7lM3nS97pcnKv4U-TafAg5BRTT998UUC2qVW-hMmUrDxrU06ivOJH3OH56cDQlRR7qjtZ_kg8Nzhs0b_nYwjd1Fs–aeNUYPeZ40GsAo_z90P6S3po3hZaLRdOAy768JqCunHM6_MYeoRaUP_gmG3JMDXu5OvVKuZv98w” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener […]


With the OzWater’19 exhibition

With the OzWater’19 exhibition and conference just around the corner, our custom built stand for the event made entirely of FRP has started taking shape as seen in the photos. The OzWater event is Australia’s international water conference and trade exhibition, and is run annually by the Australian Water Association. Do drop in between 7-9 […]


Our stair tread kits are a superior

Our stair tread kits are a superior replacement for originally specified equipment in many instances as well as having been chosen as a long life and cost saving alternative to metallic systems for numerous uses.To know more about our range of stair treads, click here now:…/frp-grati…/stair-treads/


The Treadwell Team is burning the midnight oil

The Treadwell Team is burning the midnight oil and gearing up for the upcoming OzWater’19 event to be held in Melbourne from 7-9 May. In this photo they can be seen preparing the stand base using our FRP gratings. Did you know our exhibition stand is entirely made of FRP? Do visit us at stand […]


Our factory champs are busy working full throttle

Our factory champs are busy working full throttle and getting orders ready, packed and transported in time before the Easter break begins. Contact us now for the best in class FRP solutions and customer service: #frp #buildingmaterial#worklife #bestteamever



At Treadwell, we don’t just sell products but offer design and engineering services too. The pic here showcases a navigational aid setup in Darwin built using our handrails, caged ladder, grating and structural profiles. For challenging environments, FRP is the material of choice- corrosion resistant, easy to install and virtually maintenance free.


Looking for handrails for your commercial facility

Looking for handrails for your commercial facility or an infrastructure project? Look no further as Treadwell’s FRP handrail system is much better than the conventional welded alternatives simple because it does not require the same level of engineering or onsite fabrication. Easy to install, it does not even need a hot works permit. Want to […]


FRP grating fabricated to specs for a custom project

Treadwell sets the highest standards in design flexibility and lets the specifiers get creative while we turn their concepts into reality. In this image you can see our FRP grating fabricated to specs for a custom project, ready to be installed at a salt extraction facility. View our range of FRP gratings by clicking here […]


FRP is the material of choice

FRP is the material of choice when faced with challenging environmental conditions, as enumerated in this Solar Salt Production Site case study. In this instance, significant corrosion issues were overcome by the use of Treadwell’s FRP structural profiles, grating and handrails to create a winch tower and bridge with an extended design life. Read the […]


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