INDUSTRUCT™ solutions feature any combination of Treadwell’s FRP grating, handrails, ladders and structural profiles. These access structures are easily installed in elevated, remote, indoor or outdoor locations, and feature corrosion resistant and low electrical conductivity properties.

An FRP solution featuring a combination of ArchitEX™ structural profiles, EX-Series® grating and stair treads, and RailEX® handrails. Built to withstand corrosive indoor and outdoor environments.

These can be customised to the span required for its purpose. Being naturally non-conductive, FRP is a cost-effective and long-lasting solution for electrically sensitive environments. This eliminates the need for earthing and bonding requirements, allowing for timely completion.

All GratEX® and MoultrEX® premium and standard Stair Tread options are moulded with the solid leading-edge nosing as joint single stage component. This increases the rigor and sturdiness of the entire leading edge ensuring dependable performance in high traffic situations. All the treads with abrasive leading-edge nosings are manufactured to conform to AS 1657 – 2018.

Stair systems can be trial assembled in the Treadwell factory, before being partly dismantled and packed into modules. This allows for minimal downtime for the site, and quick installation.

Treadwell’s design and engineering team is able to design structures that are cyclone rated. Weight loading concerns on sensitive ground can also be addressed with FRP as FRP is lightweight with a high strength to weight ratio, compared to traditional materials.

Treadwell’s TreadSLAB® FRP panels are constructed with an anti-slip surface and corrosion resistant properties. This maintains optimal user safety. Panels can also be customised according to load requirements.