EcoEX™ Ventilation

HVAC Systems – EcoEX™ Odour Control Stacks and Ducting

Treadwell is pleased to offer our EcoEX™ range of custom designed odour control systems. EcoEX™ stacks and ducting systems are designed to maximise odour control reduction and efficiency when treating foul odours whether it be a sewage treatment plant, pump station or sewer transfer trunkway. Treadwell offers four main technologies four main products – Bio Filters, Chemical Scrubbers, Carbon Absorbers and plain HVAC extraction systems. These systems are all specifically designed to suit the requirements of your environment and specific odour treatment needs.

Odour Scrubber Systems

EcoEX™’s odour scrubber systems provides an excellent wastewater treatment option that seamlessly incorporating world class technologies. They serve as effective options to control the odour and make necessary changes to waste treatment methods. Our systems offer a comprehensive solution to all water and waste treatment anomalies by addressing the issues with the heavy trade and the industrial wastes.


Our offerings consist of:


• Carbon Absorbers and Scrubbers

• Bio Scrubbers

• Chemical Scrubbers

• HVAC Systems